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"Tinned Fish Club ships you three tins of the good stuff every month—think smoked salmon in olive oil and sardines in tomato sauce." — Forbes

What's in a Tinned Fish Club Box?

A monthly tinned fish subscription box and unique gift for people who like sardines, mackerel, and other canned fish delicacies. Easy to make as a quick snack or take on the go. It lasts forever. Make it fancy with our recipes or keep it in your bunker. Pairs well with boxed wine.

Tinned Fish Club Membership Box
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How Tinned Fish Club Works

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Choose your plan

Monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plans... whatever floats your boat.

Subscribe for yourself or give a unique gift to that special tinned fish lover in your life.

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We Curate Your Box of Tinned Fish Goodies

Our team of seafood "a-fish-ionados" will curate a unique selection of high-quality tinned fish each month.

If it comes from the sea, tastes amazing, and can fit in a tin, we'll send it your way.

Tinned Fish Box
Tinned Fish Box

Your New Favorite Snack, Delivered to Your Doorstep

From the sea to your doorstep— each month, your tinned fish will arrive just waiting to be devoured (and enjoyed!).

These delicacies are an experience to savor and share!

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Holy Mackerel!

These Reviews are Something to Sea!

“I signed up for Tinned Fish Club for myself but little did I know that it would also hook my young sons (age 4, 6 and 8) and even my baby daughter. We've had a great time trying all sorts of canned seafood we'd never otherwise experience. The preparation suggestions and condiments included in each box add to the fun. This is a very creative business, and I look forward to each month's box!”

Alex Wayne

TFC Customer

“I was gifted this at Christmas and have just received (and already ate all contents of) my second box! What a fun idea and it's also filled with a great selection of high quality tinned fish and extra condiments to make it even more delicious!”

Olivia kirch

TFC Customer

“I was having a hard time coming up with a special gift for my 92 year old Dad - then I heard about Tinned Fish Club. He just received his first box, and was thrilled! What a creative and fun way to remind him each month that I'm thinking of him! I also appreciate the great customer service!”


TFC Customer

“My wife gave me a subscription to this club and it has been great! If you're a fan of tinned fish (you know who you are), this club is for you. The selections are nicely curated and varied (Moroccan sardines, sprats pate, saury). The founders of the club are very responsive and immediately fixed a slight problem I had. Definitely recommend!”


TFC Customer

“Absolutely loved my first box! It included tins I have not had the chance of trying before and I love the included condiments and suggestions. I am already looking forward to my next box.”

Cecilia Prator

TFC Customer

“Such a well put together box! I would definitely recommend a subscription to the Tinned Fish Club. Not only do you get to feel like part of an exclusive family with other tinned fish lovers, the assortment of delicacies of the sea is unrivaled! I will be a subscriber for life!”

Buster Vagopen

TFC Customer
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what we're reelin' in

Each month receive our latest club box filled with curated tins from around the world.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s included in my club membership?

Each month we curate a unique selection of 2-3 tinned fish delicacies from around the world. You receive a nicely packed box with the tinned fish and a few condiments that pair well. We also write a letter each month and create simple recipes and ideas for how you can enjoy each tin. It’s fun!

Where do you ship?

You can currently join and ship your box to anywhere within the United States, U.S. military locations overseas (with APO/FPO addresses) and anywhere in Canada.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time. Please visit and login to your account and cancel your membership.

How much does it cost?

We have 4 plans available starting at just $30/mo.

How do you handle food allergies?

At this time we do not have any controls or processes in place to accommodate food allergies. While most tinned fish products have only a couple of ingredients, all products may contain or may be processed in facilities that contain food items that people may be allergic to.

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